Hair Brained Idea

So at the auction I saw a fun reminder of the past that I was hoping I could get my hands on. And I did, for a buck!

It was a “family hair dryer” from housemaid. It was all there and even worked when I plugged it in, I wouldn’t trust it because it smelled terrible, but it worked. 


The stand came with it, just a lil chrome piece, but it was stable. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it the second I saw it. The color of the hair dyer is self was a gross brown gold mix, and the cords were exposed and scary. I took it apart and took out the heating and the inners. The wire received a nice new hole in the center and the inside got a nice silver paint job. The outside was sanded down and painted a really cool retro teal, I kept the sticker on the front unpainted. I cleaned up the stand and added the new wiring and bam, I had a new light!

IMG_4727 IMG_4725

I think it looks amazing. I added an extra pull chain so you didn’t to fish around for it and the cord is that clear/sliver look to blend in some with the stand. It is really solid and looks awesome. I think it would look so good in a salon waiting area.





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Musical Drinks

So one of my favorite stores, RetroWard, had a fun console radio for sale and it was only 10 bucks. I had a few retro decorations I wanted to drop off and maybe get a few bucks off the radio in exchange. When I got there it wasn’t exactly what I wanted so I was going to pass. But then, before I left,  I went back in to get it and she just gave it to me, what a sweetheart! (or she just wanted the room).

IMG_4202[1] IMG_4203[1]

Unfortunately the record player didn’t work and the radio was just a bit dated. But I had plans. It was a beast to get the radio bits out of the cabinet, but I did and sold the inners/parts for $25, so I was already 25 richer.

I then took the speaker covers off and cut out the wood behind it. I recovered a new flat piece of wood in a fun new fabric and after some struggle, I was able to attach some hinges and make some doors. Then to amazon to order some extra pieces, as well as a trip to the dollar store. I looked in my storage area and found some leftover paint and I was ready to go.

I didn’t want to strip the cabinet, as I loved the color and the age of the wood, but the sides were very dinged up. So I used some crisp white paint on the sides and the legs and a nice mint green for the inside. I then used some Gold’s Furniture restore on the remaining wood and shined it right up. I used the dollar store bucket to fill the a hole from the radio and left the other hole as is for extra storage. And then, amazon delivered and BAM! It was suddenly a groovy bar.


I seriously love the fabric on the speakers and I think the white sides and bottom look amazing and make it pop.


BAM! Look at that full fledged bar mode going on. The underside of the lid has a cork board and a chalk board. The left speaker has a wine glass rack (amazon) and a place for your towel. The right speaker is just additional storage.


Looking down you can see the ice bucket (dollar store) where one of the radios were. The other opening is where the record player was. There is even secret storage in the space under the ice bucket (well it was secret). The spot for records is a perfect fit for a cutting board.

IMG_4267 IMG_4268 IMG_4271

I am in love with this and hope the next owner will enjoy all the fun drinks that will come out of her.

Total cost was around 20 dollars for hardware and fabric, but with the selling of the radio I sill came out $5 ahead without selling it.




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It’s always a keeper if its real wood

So another freebie as I was leaving the auction one night was this food board. No headboard in sight, just this little guy.Image

Well, I couldn’t leave him behind. So I grabbed him and he has been sitting in the garage for some time. He was really too short to be any sort of headboard and too unique to go with an existing one either. So, I sanded it down and looked in my paint stash, found a lovely grey and went to town. I liked the steel grey, but It wasn’t smooth and was a bit blotchy, so out came the glaze and a bit of steel wool to rough it up just a bit.


After rummaging around for 2 days, I finally found what I was looking for and they matched the color perfectly. Ran to the store to get some wood plugs and tada! The lone foot board has a new lease on life, as a coat rack!




The little plugs are screw holes, since this guy is girthy and they only cost at 2.50 for 50! He is off to his new home in an entryway of a lovely ladies house.

Overall profit, 42.50!



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New to Old Again?

So I scored this “lovely” coffee table. It had paint splashed all over it and was a mess. I usually don’t go for that new or made out of particle board quality furniture, but hey it was free!


As you can see this is after I started because I lost the before picture. I used some good old vinegar and steel wool and it gave me a really dark black stain. It was a bit to dramatic for me, so I white washed it with maybe two brush-fulls of white paint and whited it off. I then waxed the top (and finished the other side as well). The legs weren’t doing it for me, so off they came to be replaced by some 4 X 4. Of course the same stain didn’t take the same way to the legs, but it just made it look more like it was made from barnwood (that’s what I am telling myself). I got some hefty screws for the legs, as I wanted them to show and an old hinge I had for a little bit extra for the tabletop.


Tada! I like it, especially for the quicky that it was. It only cost me $10 for the legs, and $2 for the screws, I had all the other supplies on hand. It wasn’t exactly how I envisioned but that’s okay. I posted it on craigslist on Saturday and by Monday it was sold and I was 45 bucks richer, so I was definitely thrilled with how it looked after that!




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Making it Match

So one of the very first major projects I did was a dresser, which was actually the first post I did on here as well. Well, last summer I found a dresser that had a similar drawer front as the other and the same original knobs (which sadly I did not have enough to save). I believe it was $2 or 2.50, big spender, I know. Of course I am a terrible blogger and forgot a complete before picture. This is after I sanded the drawers down and got rid of that lovely stain that was on them. I also had to patch the middle drawer as you can see from the picture. But since I finally brought sandable stain, you can barely tell it was patched.


Don’t mind the scary basement, its only slightly terrifying. If this eternal winter ever ends, I will likely move most of the operations out to the garage. I, of course, did not have any of the stain or paint left from the original, so I was forced to go get more, which I HATED because I am cheap, but alas.

I also found a mirror in the Autumn that matched the style of the dresser perfectly and size was just right. It was $3 and it came with 2 other mirrors as well. You could see on the back of the dresser at one time it did have a mirror, but it was lost over time. However, the backboard of the “new” mirror was coming apart and some of the mirror was chipped. However, so glue and clamps and it was as good as new.


I then sat down and stared at the dresser for some time and finally decided where to put the accent color. After I painted the teal, I sanded it down some to rough it up and then put one coat of stain over it. I wanted it to look like a old weathered trunk. The stain had polyurethane it in, which gave it a great weather feel with just one coat. I also had to plane down the sides of the drawers some and wax it to keep them from sticking and now it slides like butter. Overall I am pleased, I think they match fairly well, not perfectly tho.


Don’ t mind the gorilla in the mirror.



For now, this set is for keeps, but goodness knows when I find another set I like, this one will be for sale. I really like how it looks with everything else in the room. I think it has a world market vibe to it. I also love those little circle on the mirror frame, it hides the chipped glass so well.



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Bedroom Set

I finished one of dressers for my bedroom sets back in the fall and really wasn’t feeling motivated to do the longer one for the longest of times. Finally prior to Christmas I was tired of having mismatched, half done projects in my room so I finally started on the other one. ImageImage

They were pretty grundy as you can see and had lovely gold accent pieces. After fighting with those for some time, I was able to get them off without causing to much damage to the drawers. Then the crazy amount of sanding begun. It was time consuming to get all that lovely varnish and 1970’s blonde stain off, so I did a drawer and took a break, did a section and took a break, but finally it was bare.


Just look at the difference between the two!

I kept the original hardware and did a tarnished silver paint on them. However, the drawers with that lovely gold trim did not have any handles and now had grooves in them. So I bought some knobs and drilled a hold in the middle of each section to make some faux drawers. Its not the most convincing faux drawers I have ever seen but it did the job. Then for the wood I used my favorite mahogany stain and did 2-3 coats and then varnish. 


Look at that change, I love them now. I really like the curves on both of them and I loved the original hardware. To me, its so hard to tell these are the same dressers. However, I am sure in a few years I will find another set I like even more!. 



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So after my extended absence, This is my second post in two days, crazy!

So, I had this nice freebie stand, that it looks like someone started to sand the top, but didn’t do anymore. I just wanted to paint the top of the stand, but it had a great grain on the top so I didn’t want to cover that up completely. I made a homemade stencil out of some left over contact paper and a print out. It wasn’t close perfect, but I think it worked out pretty well. 


I kept smoothing down the edges as I painted and crossed my fingers it wouldn’t bleed…

It did, but not to bad and I was able to fix most of the major problem areas and if there weren’t some little mistakes you wouldn’t know I did it! 


As much as I liked the green on here (it was a mishit paint from the bathroom painting fiasco) it was a bit to green. Also, it still needed at least another coat to cover completely and that was so much work! (kidding) I busted out my favorite investment so far, Antique glaze. It made a world of difference and darkened up the tree some as well, bonus!



The photos never do the glaze any justice, but it looks pretty cute I think. Also, if you look you can see Belle’s fur in the bottom right corner!



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